Khloe’s birthday kakes!

Khloe Kardashian celebrated her 30th birthday on Friday.

The party took place aboard a luxury yacht and whilst guests enjoyed the lavish celebration, one thing stuck out (quite literally)…

Khloe’s rear end!!!

khloe kardash

Since WHEN was Khloe stacking at the back like that?

I’m sensing a Kim K special here because I cannot believe, Khloe went from practically pancake-less to a stack and then some…

When did this happen?

And please don’t come with that; ‘I’ve been working out nonsense’ because that won’t fly around here…

That’s some surgery or padding at the very least.

Below you can compare the before and after…


khoe flat


Looks like the romance between her and rapper French Montana seems to have taken a bit of a public turn too…

At the party they openly showered each other with kisses and apparently French bought her 4 very special gifts.

khloe and french

French gifted Khloe; a full finger ring, a Jeep Wrangler four door SUV and two (not one…two) grills!

Not bad for a few months’ worth of dating hey Khlo?


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