Jeremy Meeks – overnight celebrity?

As the world goes crazy over convicted felon; Jeremy Meeks, this is what you need to know!

Jeremy is a 30 year old father…yes father (for all those hell bent on attempting to be the first to breed for him) and this is not the first time he’s been in trouble with the authorities…by the way.

jeremy meeks big

Jeremy was arrested on Wednesday evening for felony weapon charges after being hauled in as part of a gang sweep in Stockton, California.

After his mug shot was posted to the Stockton, California Facebook page, social media went crazy!

Between Wednesday night and Thursday morning, the picture had received just fewer than 11,000 likes and around 2,400 comments from so called admirers.

He is currently being held on $90,000 bail and if these frenzied fans have anything to do with it, that bail is due to get posted anytime soon – apparently there is a whip round happening to generate enough funds to free him!

Crazy hey?

So what is it that has got the females weak at the knees?

Could it be that strong jaw line or maybe it’s those piercing blue eyes…

Whatever it is, Jeremy has turned into an overnight sensation and has quite literally added a whole new dimension to this social media lark.

Now it would seem looks are more important than ever…

Yes we always kind of knew that but this whole bit, has definitely reinforced that.

Women are falling over themselves for a bad boy with 6 felonies to his name and purely because he looks good?
It’s almost like we are sidetracking from the real reason why his face appeared in cyber space in the first place!

Comments like; he can kidnap me any day and Momma I’m in love with a criminal – pretty much show the angle!

There is no doubt this guy is handsome but are we seriously saying that his looks are enough to overlook his crimes?

Some of the memes doing the rounds are funny though…. #justsaying



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