JLO’s celebrity crush REVEALED!

So now JLO has booted Casper Smart’s azz to the curb, seems like she’s already set her sights on another…

jlo and david gandy

Jen has revealed her latest celebrity crush, cryptically!

Whilst appearing on Live with Kelly & Michael, when asked who her celebrity crush was, she replied:

I would never name anybody but I just did a video with this model and he was just almost perfect.

She then went on to say:

It’s not that he’s perfect, like he’s got a big nose, but he’s perfect. If I had a celebrity crush it would be him [cite].

OK, so given that the video she is referring to was the one filmed in the Californian desert for her track; First Love using model David Gandy, one can only assume, David is her secret crush…right?

JLO and DG

Yes JLO, you can be as cryptic as you like but the cat is now out of the bag…

Check out the official video and see if you can feel the onscreen chemistry LOL


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