Poor ticket sales for On The Run!

According to a report by Radar Online, apparently there are still thousands of tickets left to be sold for the Beyonce and Jay Z summer tour.

Oddly, it seems as though tickets sold out in many of the venues but not in all which, does seem a tad bit strange considering we are talking about the most powerful couple in music teaming up and performing a whole concert together!

bey and jay

The report alludes to the fact that poor radio plays from Beyonce’s recent album may have something to do with the lack of interest because usually, an artist is all over the radio during the lead up to a performance.
But, I suppose the main question here is whether this is some sort of backlash over the Solange-JayZ-life- exchange.

There is no doubt that what happened in the lift reflected negatively on Beyonce in particular as she appeared to just stand by and watch.

Her silence after the incident left people to draw their own conclusions on what really went down – most of which cast Bey in a bad light and also, didn’t help Jay Z’s rep as most people believed his behaviour was the reason for the fisticuffs!

So, could this be the beginning of the end to the global infatuation with hottest duo on the block or could it just be a minor blip?

Either way, the On The Run tour kicks off next week (25th June) in Miami and I am sure by the time it comes down to it, all seats in the house will be taken!


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