Immortalising Aaliyah!

The rumour mill churned for a good couple of years over this one but now Lifetime have confirmed they intend to start filming on the TV biopic based on the Aaliyah biography; More Than a Woman this summer!

The working title is; Aaliyah; Princess of RnB and rumour is; 17 year old former DWTS and Disney star; Zendaya Coleman has been cast as Aaliyah – much to the annoyance of many fans but….that’s another story!

As we know, Aaliyah tragically died in a plane crash back in 2001 and this TV production aims to document Aaliyah’s life from first being discovered on Star Search right up to the point of her untimely passing.

Back in 2012 Aaliyah’s family were against the film. Apart from the continued speculation over the status of the film, it all went quiet but now, it is alleged that the family have vowed to stop production with Aaliyah’s Uncle (and former manager); Barry Hankerson revealing the family are far from impressed with the fact that they were not even contacted about the movie.

On the flip side, the family do agree there should be a film made to immortalise Aaliyah on screen but feel, a TV film is way too small. They want blockbuster proportions!

Whilst I am certain this is far from the last we will hear about this project, I’m sitting here wondering whether it’s Keisha Chante – who is also rumoured to be in the running to play Aaliyah or Zendaya that will play Aaliyah best!

If we were to argue and say both ladies could act the part equally as good and we therefore have to make our decision based on who looks more like Aaliyah, I would have to say; Keisha just pips Zendaya to the post!

But hey ho…who are we to decide when it’s already been decided?!!


Keisha Chante 


Zendaya (on the right)!



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