Kanye says; Kim is the number 1 woman in the world!

Whilst speaking at Cannes Lions 2014 on the French Riviera, Kanye West has likened the love for new wife; Kim Kardashian to that of a Louis Vuitton bag declaring, he can only be with Kim because she is the number 1 woman in the world and she turns him on the most.


In the same breath, he went on to say; because of the way he was raised, he can only work with number 1’s claiming, he only works with Jay Z because he’s number 1 and he only entertains Louis Vuitton because, they’re number 1!

So there you have it Kim, Kanye loves you like he loves Louis Vuitton (and Jay Z)!


Bet she doesn’t mind him saying things like that though I mean seriously, how long do you think she’s given herself until she decides she wants out?

Aahhh is that bad?

I don’t want to sound sceptical but something tells me this marriage may not last!

Fingers crossed I’m wrong!

Side note: Did you know it took Kimye FOUR days to perfect this wedding kiss picture?
I’m not going to go into the whys and wherefores but I’m just saying…FOUR DAYS!!!



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