Don’t talk to Casper about Transsexuals, he will sue you!

Uh oh damage control alert!

Casper Smart is threatening legal action against for claiming he had flings with 2 transsexuals that he met on Instagram!


Casper, who recently got dumped by Jennifer Lopez, has denied even meeting any of these transsexuals must less cheating on JLo with either of them!

jlo and casper

The break up story doing the rounds is one that states; Jennifer and Casper split up because of unrelated issues…apparently and Casper is more than prepared to sue anyone that fancies dragging his name through the mud.

OK Casper, even if we were to take on what you say as gospel, do you fancy explaining to us where all this smoke came from then?

Surely there has to be a source of all these ties you are alleged to have with transsexuals and gay bars (as per a recent article claiming you were spotted coming out of one – no pun intended).

I mean we all know that famous lil saying right, so really, what’s the haps?

And as for the threatening letter sent to the founder of and one of the transsexuals that’s been talking to the media…seriously, I hope, all of this is not just a crappy attempt to intimidate people into withdrawing the truth just so you can continue to pretend.



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