The RINSE Live – episode 3; Monday 16th June, 9pm UK

On Monday 16th June at 9pm UK time, join us for the live stream of The RINSE Live – episode 3!

Meet this week’s RINSERS…

Sherryl Blu

Presenter, host, journo-blogger, all round try-a-tinger!



Dr Psycho

DJ, presenter, journalist, graphic designer!



Marcus Bronzy

Presenter, DJ, voice over artist, avid gadget fan!



Amanda Star

Event hostess with the mostest, radio personality, social butterfly, ray of sunshine!

Amanda Star


Jimmy Swagger

Social commentator, self-confessed God like Celestial being!



Connect with us on Twitter: @TheRinse1 or hashtag #TheRINSElive

Find us on Facebook:

Look forward to seeing you and remember:

Don’t get mad it’s only an opinion!


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